Recycling & Composting Services

Recycling Program

The City of El Dorado Recycling Center is the largest in Butler County. We have a full staff to assist customers as they bring their recyclable materials to the center and staff that works independently on the collection, sorting, and processing of materials brought in through our Curbside Recycling Program.

The city also has contracted with Butler County to provide a recycling opportunity for many of the neighboring Butler County communities.

Curbside Recycling

El Dorado citizens are encouraged to recycle using our convenient curbside program. Place your recycling materials in the City of El Dorado blue lid cart provided to you and place curbside on the day of your regularly scheduled trash pickup.


Plastic Containers - Plastic containers that have a recycling triangle with a #1 or a #2 on the bottom Unmarked plastics & any other kind of plastics are NOT accepted in this program.  

Glass - Not accepted in Recycle – please put in trash.

Aluminum and steel (tin) cans -  Empty & rinse - Labels do not need to be removed.  Clean aluminum pie tins are also acceptable.

Paper Goods - Newspaper, junk mail, magazines, chip cardboard (for example cereal boxes, pop cartons, and other like packaging) & office paper as well as corrugated cardboard.  Large boxes need to be broken down & placed by the cart.

Recycling Center

With flexible, convenient hours and drive thru service don't let your recycling pile up. The drive thru is located on the west side, access from south Vine St.  ONLY ABOVE ITEMS LISTED IN "WHAT CAN YOU RECYCLE" IS ACCEPTED AT THIS LOCATION - all other items will be considered illegal dumping.

Composting Center

Open 7 days a week, residents may dispose of yard waste and then pick up compost and mulch for their yards all in one trip. Please review the Composting Guidelines (PDF).

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