Grease Management Program

Why is grease a problem?

The City's goal is to reduce costs to businesses and homeowners while complying with environmental regulations. While hot water may cause grease to “melt” in your sink, it quickly re-forms into a solid blockage in your service lateral preventing flow and causing backups. When grease gets into the sanitary sewer, it sticks to the inside of pipes and can eventually block the entire pipe. These restrictions can amount to unwanted back-ups of untreated sewage into our homes. These back–ups result in increased costs for residents, businesses, and the City for clean up. Grease should be poured into containers that can be thrown away in the trash. Grease creates significant operational and maintenance expense for the City which can result in utility rate increases. Back-ups and overflows cause health hazards because of potential contact with disease-causing organisms. Grease related back-ups can result in property damage and expensive and unpleasant cleanups.

Restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, school cafeterias, nursing homes, and any other food service establishments are required to have a grease trap and maintain it on a regular basis.

If you have any questions, contact us by email or contact Gary Taylor at 316-321-9100 for more information.

Grease Build-up in a Customer's Service Line

grease buildup in pipe

Grease Build-up in the City's Sewer Main

grease build up