Backflow Prevention Program

What is a Backflow or Cross Connection?
A "cross connection" is an unprotected, actual or potential, connection between a potable water system (water that is safe for drinking) and any source or system containing water or other substance that is not safe, wholesome and fit for human consumption. A "Backflow" is the contamination of potable water from an non-potable water or other pollutant.

Cross Connection / Backflow Prevention Program

The city, as the supplier of water, is responsible for the safety of water to the last tap, as well as protection of the water distribution system. Consequently, we are also obligated to follow state regulations requiring us to have a Cross-Connection / Backflow Prevention program with annual testing. Please follow the guidelines below, but feel free to call us at 316-321-9100 if you have any questions about your backflow preventer or the program. This program is being conducted in accordance with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments and the State of Kansas Statutes 65-163a-b, 65-171a-y, and the City of El Dorado Cross-Connection Control Ordinance #G-667.

What You Need to Know About Backflow
  • All residents with landscape irrigation systems connected to city water must have an approved backflow preventer installed.  These devices must be tested on an annual basis.  Residents have until July 1 of each year to have their backflow preventer tested. It is important to test the backflow preventers at the onset of the watering season or before being put into service.
  • All licensed testers will be responsible for turning in testing certification to the Public Utilities Department, so that data can be entered and the resident checked off our list as tested. It is important to schedule your back preventer to be tested on an annual basis. You may use out of town testers if they are certified, but make sure they turn test reports in to the City or leave a copy for you to turn in along with and up to date copy of their certification. Some of the local certified testers are:
    • Cody Busenitz, CB Irrigation: 316-655-2675
    • David Coulter, Rush Plumbing: 316-321-0662
    • Jack Perry, JP Backflow Testing and Repair: 316-321-4078 or 316-323-2820
    • Jonathan Zachary, A+ Lawn Sprinklers: 316-321-5200
  •  The City mails out a reminder in the Spring, but no further reminders after that. If we do not receive a test report before July 1 of each year, a $10 late fee, per month, will be added to your water bill, until we receive the test report on your backflow preventer.

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