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Cemetery Monument Setting Request Form

  1. Talon Reust, Sexton - (316) 321-3410 -
  2. Monument Setting not Allowed Until Proof of Ownership or Permission From Owner is Shown
  3. Regulations:
    All foundations with the exception of Walnut Valley must have a 6 inch collar. No Exceptions! Prior Approval must be obtained from the Sexton for delivery vehicles to drive on other than a designated roadway. Persons installing headstones and foundations will be responsible for cleanup of work site and removal of excavated dirt to a designated area. Monument companies must first check in with the cemetery office with payment; the Cemetery Sexton will inspect stone placement and the work site before the installers leave the cemetery grounds.
  4. Must Give 48 Hour Notice (Two Full Business Days) Before Setting Monument
  5. Type of Monument*
  6. Cemetery*
  7. Monument Setting Fee*
  8. Monument is*
  9. (Length x Width)
  10. Type of Foundation*
  11. (Length x Width)
  12. Vases*
  13. Does the Purchaser Own the Space(s) the Monument is to be set on*
  14. If No, has as the Purchaser Completely Filled Out and Returned the Monument Setting Permission Form*
    (Cemetery Office must have a copy of this before headstone can be set)
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