Heather Riddle

El Dorado Youth Commission
Title: Secretary
Phone: 316-321-9100

Hello my name is Heather Riddle. I am currently serving on the El Dorado Youth Commission board. This will be my third consecutive year considering, I am a junior. This year I ran in the election as secretary, and won the election. I ran against 3 other well represented opponents and was very thankful for the win in the election an applaud those who went against me to continue on the board. Being involved in the El Dorado Youth Commission has helped shape me as a person and has also allowed me to endure many experiences, and conversations with-in the city. Being involved in your community has been a large part of my life since 3rd grade. If you don’t have a community that you can trust or be willing to help then your community will fall apart.

This year I plan on being involved in not only the EYC board but also, KAY, World Cultures Club, Jr. Ambassadors, Tennis, Bowling, Softball, STUCO as secretary, Circle of Friends, Church activities, Volunteering at the Hospital, and this year I helped take pictures for the Frontier Western Celebration, I also have helped partake in many other activities throughout my short time being in High School, and most of the volunteer and other activities I started in the 3rd grade. I have found myself to become an avid volunteer throughout my years. I am a straight “A” student in all honors classes. Most call me an overachiever, and outstanding student, but personally I see myself as a hard worker. I am always up for the challenges, and to be involved. Last year on the board I was always doing activities and helping with as much as I could take on. I find being on the board one of the most enjoyable tasks I have taken on throughout the years.

Most ask me why I find it so fun, and interesting but the only 2 answers I have for them is you wouldn’t know unless you came and experienced it for yourself. Along with there is nothing boring within city conversations, we always find a way to make even the worst topics interesting and debatable. Such as the recent topic of curfews, yeah we all dread it but we always have a way to make it exciting. Another task that I took on last year that was introduced within the EYC board but could not be furthered with them was getting a soccer team at El Dorado High School. It could not be furthered in the EYC board since it was a school activity and the city has nothing to do with the school system. I put all my heart and effort into this project last year. I hope to continue to present the idea through the schools, which may possibly help the school receive a team.

It showed me many new tactics, it would take and how much effort it takes to get something you want going in this community. It would be a miraculous experience and excitement to those of us whom have played soccer our whole lives then get it ripped away from us after eighth grade. Like I’ve said above I am always busy, either sporting events, meetings, homework, church, family or other activities I am usually happy to be home by 9. My life may be crazy but the more I’m involved the more I learn and the more experiences I get to experience. It makes life worth living. Volunteering always makes you feel good about yourself also cause you know you are taking a little out of your time to help others. You never know who’s day you may make just with a smile and a friendly greeting so put yourself out there. Being so involved has taught me these lessons and also has taught me everything that goes on in the community. EYC has been a wonderful experience, even more than wonderful even exuberating.

I plan on staying very involved in the board this year and trying to get more activities going for out community. I will stay an advocate member on the team this year to help throughout the 2011-2012 school year. EYC is a wonderful organization and my goal for the future of the group is to help with our numbers and to expand the group. I want to have a good time, learn, and help our wonderful community and make it a better community to live in. I must say thanks to all those who help, sponsor, and support our group without you guys we would be confused, with minimal activity. I hope that you guys come and join us, you are guaranteed to have a good time! No doubts about that one. 

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