City Clerk's Office

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Licenses & Permits

  • Cereal Malt Beverage and Liquor License
    It is unlawful for any person or business to sell any cereal malt beverage (CMB) or alcoholic liquor at retail, for consumption either on or off premise, without a license for each place of business. All applications for new and renewed licenses are directed to the city clerk (CMB licenses are subject to approval by the governing body) and liquor licenses require proof of appropriate Kansas state licensing. All licenses are good for a 1-year period, except temporary CMB and Liquor licenses, which are valid for the period stated on the permit. License fees are as follows:
    • Alcoholic Liquor Distributor - $900
    • Alcoholic Liquor Retailers - $300
    • Beer Distributor - $100
    • Caterer - $500
    • Class A and B Clubs - $250
    • CMB General Retailer (on-premise consumption) - $200
    • CMB Case Retailer (off-premise consumption) - $50
    • Drinking Establishments - $500
    • Temporary CMB/Liquor - $25
  • Vendor Stand and Door to Door Peddler Permit
  • All salespersons wishing to sell products either door-to-door or at a temporary stand are required to come to El Dorado City Hall, complete an application to obtain a permit and pay a fee. A Kansas Sales Tax number is required for all peddler permits and a background check will be run on all vendors.
  • Permit Applications
  •  Door-to-Door (PDF)
  •  Vendor Stand (PDF)
  •  Vehicle for Hire (PDF)
  • Fees are as follows:
    • Door-to-Door - $50 / day or $500 / year
    • Vendor Stand - $50 / day or $500 / year
    • Vehicle for Hire - $50 / year plus $5 per driver