To provide and maintain the finest cemeteries at the lowest cost to the citizens of El Dorado; all the while preserving a history and perpetual record of yesterday and a sanctuary of peace for today.

Our Cemeteries

All cemeteries have plots available. The City of El Dorado does not have a mausoleum at this time but ashes may be interred into the ground at any of the 3 cemeteries. Visitors can use the Online Burial Search to find burial locations of family members.

Flowers are always welcome. Please refer to the Cemetery Regulations (PDF) for proper placement. Cemetery visiting hours are generally dawn to dusk. Memorial Day is observed with the placement of flags at both Sunset Lawns and Walnut Valley. Flags are placed by the VFW and the American Legion.

Belle Vista Cemetery

Located in the northeast part of town, it features 12-acres with various entrances. Established in 1887, the City of El Dorado began maintaining it in 1987.

Sunset Lawns Cemetery

Having 38-acres with various entrances this cemetery borders both sides of the Southwest Trafficway. The south side was established in 1872, and the north side in 1939.

Walnut Valley Memorial Park

This 15-acre cemetery features grade level headstones and a paved loop drive. Currently only 5-acres are maintained. Established in 1955, the City of El Dorado began maintaining it in 1993.

Cemetery Plats & Fee Guide