NEW !!! Fire Prevention Education

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

*Story by Captain Yaghjian

Generous donations to the National Fire Safety Council (from various individuals and businesses) allowed the purchase of some incredible fire prevention items.

Master Firefighter Chris McGathy and Captain Tony Yaghjian took the responsibility of choosing the items.

Their goal was to order items that would educate as well as excite the public about fire safety.

The items included; Preschool sticker books, English/ Spanish color sheets, School fire drill book marks and sticker sets, Smoke detector battery replacement calendar stickers, Crayons and pencils, Fire pup comic books.

Then there were the four items that were the most exciting! These were – Plastic fire pup hats, Fire pup t-shirt iron-on decals, Fire truck card board cut-outs, and Halloween bags!

A big “THANK YOU” to those in the community for the donations that made getting these items possible.

A “life loss prevented” is as real as a “life saved.”

Fireman Sitting with Various Fire Prevention Items

Pictured: Master Firefighter Chris McGathy