City Mask Ordinance

On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, the El Dorado City Commission approved an ordinance repealing the requirement for the wearing of masks. The ordinance will take effect when it is published in the local newspaper on March 30, 2021.  

Below are links to the ordinance that was passed as well as the Press Release and Frequently Asked Questions regarding the ordinance.

Please do not call 911 to report an ordinance violation. Starting December 18, call 316-321-9100 Option 5 and you will be connected to the non-emergency line for dispatch. 


Let’s keep our El Dorado businesses open together! Please be sure to implement and follow the guidelines listed in the City of El Dorado Mask Ordinance. 

For questions, please check out our FAQs for businesses.

If you need a "Mask Required" sign for your business door, click the image below to print a sign. You can also pick up signs at the Chamber of Commerce, 201 E. Central Ave., or City Hall, 220 E. First Ave. 

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