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The City Commission serves as the legislative body for the City of El Dorado. The Commission is responsible for enacting city ordinances, establishing city policies and procedures, adopting the city budget and capital improvement plan, appropriating funds for city business and public service, and hiring the City Manager.

The City Manager oversees all other staff members and personnel matters, oversees the day-to-day operations of the city, enforces laws and ordinances, prepares the city budget and makes recommendations to the Commission.

History of El Dorado Government

El Dorado was the first city in Kansas to adopt the Commission-Manager form of government in 1917. In 1871, D.M. Bronson headed and presented a petition for incorporation and on September 12, 1871, El Dorado was changed from a village to be incorporated as a city of the third class. J.C. Lambdin, chairman of the village trustees, acted as mayor until the first election could be held. The citizens chose Henry Falls as our first Mayor. El Dorado was made a second class city in July of 1885 and in March 1917 the City changed from the aldermanic form of government to the Commission-Manager form of government, and welcomed their first City Manager, Bert C. Wells on July 1, 1917.