What is the quality of our drinking water?

The superior quality of El Dorado Water Treatment Facility’s drinking water is the result of a combination of the proper operation of a multistage treatment facility and a laboratory that performs 2,500 monthly tests on samples taken during the treatment process and throughout the 129 miles of distribution system piping. El Dorado currently has 5 personnel that hold a Class IV Water Operator’s license, the state’s highest certification level. Water quality is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Chemical dosages are scrutinized daily and sophisticated instrumentation keeps a close watch on water quality. Click here El Dorado Consumer Confidence Report  to see the most recent CCR or request a hard copy by calling the Water Department at 316-321-9100.

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1. How does the city treat our drinking water?
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4. What is the quality of our drinking water?
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